Speed to Market

We work with great speed in the delivery.

Made in Perú

We use the best Peruvian inputs with the best Peruvian labor.

Mass Production

We handle high volumes of production, seeking maximum cost efficiency.

Our People

We reflect through our people, our products and our quality.

Our Company

Duty free to all the Americas, Europe and most of the Asian countries including TPPs. An in-house lab where 100% of fabric lots are tested.

A supplier to many of the top fashion brands and stores in the US

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Antibacterial New Technology

TSC-Fuze, the most sustainable, safe and efficient antibacterial technology only at TSC.

Fuze using non-toxic and eco-friendly technology controls the growth of bacteria permanently.

Why work with us?

We have established great strategic alliances with value providers. Allowing us to face large volumes of production at high speed


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Sewing min monttly


Units per day